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The only birth chart which matches the events of Soviet Union is the national day of Soviet Union:

Storming of the Winter Palace

November 8 1917, 2:12 am LMT, St.Petersburg/Petrograd

Hurting Officer  S.Killings    Day Master    Rob Wealth

伤官    七杀    日主    劫财

丁巳    庚戌    甲寅    乙丑

庚七杀   辛正官   甲Buddy   癸正印
丙Eating God   丁伤官   丙食神   辛正官
戊偏财    戊Wealth   戊偏财   己Wealth

Luck Pillar:
Wealth      Wealth H.Officer E.God Rob Wealth  Buddy  Resource
己酉  戊申  丁未  丙午  乙巳  甲辰  癸卯  壬寅

S.Killings  S.Killings Wealth    E.God     H.Officer   Wealth  R.Wealth
11岁  21岁  31岁  41岁  51岁  61岁  71岁  81岁
927  1937  1947  1957  1967  1977  1987  1997
丁卯  丁丑 丁亥  丁酉  丁未  丁巳  丁卯  丁丑
戊辰  戊寅  戊子  戊戌  戊申  戊午  戊辰  戊寅
己巳  己卯 己丑  己亥  己酉  己未  己巳 己卯
庚午  庚辰  庚寅  庚子  庚戌  庚申  庚午 庚辰
辛未  辛巳 辛卯  辛丑  辛亥  辛酉  辛未  辛巳
壬申  壬午  壬辰  壬寅  壬子  壬戌  壬申  壬午
癸酉  癸未  癸巳  癸卯  癸丑  癸亥  癸酉  癸未
甲戌  甲申  甲午  甲辰  甲寅  甲子  甲戌  甲申
乙亥  乙酉 乙未  乙巳  乙卯  乙丑  乙亥  乙酉
丙子  丙戌  丙申  丙午  丙辰  丙寅  丙子  丙戌
止于:1936  1946  1956  1966  1976  1986  1996  2006

Now Bazi (Four Pillars) is most useful when it is used to determine the level of success one can achieve, think about this for a moment: Astrological analysis can give you a person’s character and luck analysis. However, it cannot give you a definite answer as to success or failure which is vital, which is what we want to know.

A birth chart which can fall into a category is a good birth chart. Among those categories, if the illness is severe and medicine is appropriate the birth chart is a super-class birth chart. If a birth chart’s illness is severe and there is no medicine , then it is a normal or bad birth chart. If the illness is not severe and there is medicine, then the birth chart is a normal one.

There are so many countries in the world, how do we know which one will be super-power and which will remain as developing nations? Indonesia is a large country but it certainly does not have the same level of success as Japan. The answer to that question lies whether the birth time gave a good birth chart!

Soviet Union was one of the two world’s super power by no fluke. With Seven Killings at the Month Pillar and Hurting Officer at its Year Pillar, this is a Seven Killings inviting Hurting Officer. Category.

The Useful God is Seven Killings; the Auxiliary God is Eating God/Hurting Officer. The Unfavourable God is Resource if Resource appears in the Heaven Stem. The other Unfavourable God is actually Officer as Seven Killings and Officer cannot be mixed.

During the first few luck pillars of 庚戌 Geng Xu, 己酉 Ji You and 戊申 Wu Shen, It is all about Wealth and Seven Killings in the birth chart. Therefore, the category transforms to Follow Seven Killings category

1937丁丑 Ding Chou, the Hurting Officer 丁Ding (Fire) came in to try and curb the Seven Killings (Gold). However, Seven Killings are too strong so the empire strikes back. Stalin started the Great Purge, Three of the five field marshals were killed.

1941辛巳 Xin Si , the Officer Xin辛 came in to mix with Seven Killings, Hitler started Operation Barbarossa.

1945乙酉 Yi You, You combined to enhance Seven Killings to conquer all Rob Wealth/Buddy.  All neighbouring states (Buddy) in Europe conquered by the Red Army, Soviet entered Berlin.

Luck Pillars 丁未 Ding Wei 丙午 Bing Wu and  乙巳 Yi Si are all about Hurting Officer and Eating God bring the birth chart back to Seven Killings inviting Hurting Officer. Category.

This is the time Soviet Union enjoyed its best spell of success: It became a nuclear superpower, won the space race initially, economically sustained.

From the Luck Pillar  甲辰 onwards, things began to look bad for the Soviet Union, the Unfavourable Gods began to appear as well. Finally, during the 癸卯 Gui Mao luck Pillar , Soviet Union collapsed because of the fact that the Resource hurts the Auxiliary God Hurting Officer/ Eating God.

1990 the year庚午 Geng Wu, not only Geng Officer appears to mix with the Seven Killings, the Geng also produced resource to destroy the  Auxiliary God Hurting Officer/ Eating God, thus destroying the Soviet Empire.

See everything is destined even the Fall of the Republic!


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